Don Alder in concert

Concerts to Bridge the Distance

Don Alder in Concert, the first show in our Concerts to Bridge the Distance series, is being streamed live from the production facility of Hubcast Media, the producers of the Onstage Live series. All being handled in a responsible, socially-distanced manner, of course! We are truly grateful for their assistance with this show!

We also have to send out a big "Thank you" to the Arts Council of New Westminster for helping make this show possible.

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Planet Nerve8 Music Productions

Attendance by donation

As I'm sure you're aware, working musicians have seen their earnings come to a screeching halt. And as we are aware, many of you also have seen earnings reduced or come to a complete stop. With one of our goals being to increase community connection for those who are isolated by themselves, we didn't want anyone to be unable to attend because they were out of cash. For those of you who are able, contribute what you can and enjoy the show!


Thank you ACNW!

As the entire artistic community is reeling from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, we truly appreciate the support provided by the Arts Council of New Westminster to make this show possible. Thank you!