Life Aid Concert 2018


A performance celebration by regional musicians in support of the New West Hospice Society

Players from The Great Gig in New West plus guests provided an evening celebrating some of the greatest music in rock ranging from The Beatles and The Stones to Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and Queen. A tip of the hat to more 'recent' bands included U2, Pearl Jam, Muse and Alabama Shakes. 

Click here for set list and videos

"Fantastic evening, great music!"

- K. Curry, New Westminster

"So so good!"

- M. Ritchie, New Westminster


Superb band! It was such an enjoyable evening. 

- B Rogers, North Vancouver 

"Who knew we had this incredibly high level of talent in New Westminster? We'll be there for the new one!"

- Christine, New Westminster


Best local band around! It was a great evening. I’d highly recommend it. 

- D Scott, Burnaby 

"Best one so far!"

- K. Cvjetan, New Westminster


Excellent band. We were very impressed. With most bands, every song sounds the same. But with the Great Gig in New West having so many talented singers, every song was different. A very fresh approach!

- S McCausland, Coquitlam 

Thank you to our sponsors who made this show possible